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Chakha Oronir

About Chakha


Personality traits: Playful, clever, adventurous, observant.
Birthday: 30st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Age: 28
Race: Xaela Au Ra
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: Dating Dhani Ejinn
Family: Deceased and/or whereabouts unknown

Hair: Dark
Eyes: Dark blue with light blue limbal rings.
Height: 4'9″
Build: Slender
Distinguishing marks: Inky black scales. Navel and nipples are pierced with silver barbell jewelry.
Common accessories: Wears jewelry often.

Profession: Relic and monster hunter; healer; part-time dancer/courtesan at The Honey Bee Inn
Residence: Mist Apartments
Hobbies: Dancing, alchemy, herbology, reading, weaving.

RP Hooks

More about Chakha

Steppe Warrior

Chakha is from the Oronir tribe but traveled around many areas of the Steppe. She is known as a talented healer and warrior among the Xaela.


Chakha is skilled at making various potions and tinctures for all sorts of things. But also makes quite a few other sorts of things with herbs such as soaps and bath items! She also enjoys making clothes and will sometimes take commissions for custom made items.


She also enjoys frequenting venues that feature shows with singing and dancing or even plays!

Honey Bee Inn

Currently, she works part-time at the Honey Bee Inn as a dancer and intimate companion. Come watch her dance or let her entice you for some one-on-one time! For more info, see the NSFW info section


Chakha works as a dancer and intimate companion at Honey Bee Inn. She offers a wide range of services and is willing to indulge in most requests including, but not limited to: Conversation, cuddling, exotic dancing, and beyond. Any and all such sessions must be made through Honey Bee Inn
-Her specialties include: Sub, worship, sensory play
-She leans more toward the sub side of things but will also Dom, if preferred.
-Her favorite races are Au Ra, Miqo'te and Viera but all are welcome except for Lalafell.
For more info, including hard no's, see her F-List

OOC Info

-Always open to making new friends. I have preference for long-term RP but short-term can be okay too.
-No OOC flirting, please, as I'm not looking for any OOC romantic or sexual interactions. Platonic friendship is okay but nothing beyond that!
-Mun is 30+ and will only RP with those 18+
-EST time zone
-This character is located on Zalera server, Crystal Data Center.

-See other characters: S'aeil Akaruta

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